Monday, April 1, 2013


Good Morning,

Hope all of you are having a great spring and if you are RVer's and traveling, "Please Drive Safe".

We are preparing to leave the state of WA and head east towards our next volunteering position in Spearfish SD.  Yes, we have worked there before and are looking forward to returning.   

I have some new reviews for you and some new information on Lucky 7 casino in Smith River CA.  (My favorite)  I also received an email from a reader asking two important questions so I ask  "my personal casino expert" for answers.  

The two questions were:
1.  What do you tip when you win a jackpot?
2.  How do you read a win/loss statement?

Here is Susan's answers, hope they help you as they did me. 

1.    We are told never to expect tips – even if we feel we have earned them.  I have seen one person win $173,000 and tip $20, and I’ve seen a man win $1000 and tip $100.  What works well is if the winner gives the floor manager at the time whatever the customer thinks is appropriate, and he/she will divide it among the people on the floor.  If someone has been especially helpful to the winner, even over a period of time, a nice tip is appreciated.  No exact answer here – just what the customer wants to do.
2   2.   As for the win/loss statement:  I checked with John Scott, who does ours, and he said that if the client shows a loss ( a negative number) it is used against the amount won.  In other words, if a client has won $2000 and shows a loss of $1100, he or she will has a taxable amount of $900.  He also said to be sure to check with their tax preparer, who should be familiar with the statements.  I hope that helps. 

 I was lucky enough to put this info to use just a couple of days after I got it.  At Swinomish Casino in Anacortes WA, I was lucky enough to win a small jackpot.   What fun that was!  :)
The machine had just been put in, called "Factory Jackpot" I think and I really love it.  Makes the craziest noises. :) Turned out I was the second jackpot on the machine in a couple days.

News from Lucky 7 casino in Smith River CA......

Susan notified me that they have added a whole bunch of new machines to their casino.  

Here's the list:

Band of Gypsies
Beverly Hillbillies
Blood Life Legends
Buffalo Moon (very popular)
Captain Caribbean
Elvis the King (great music!)
Erupting Winds
Forbidden Jewels
Giant’s Gold
Money works
Moon Goddess
Outback jack
Pawn Stars (2 of these)
Playboy Playmate Party
Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Fever
Sherlock Holmes
Texas Dice
Towers of the Temple
Tully’s treasure Hunt
Wild Kingdom
and more are coming.

So, if you are in the area, stop in and see all the new fun things.  Be sure to say "Hi" to Susan.  


Yakama Legend Casino and RV Park  in Toppenish WA

We have been here at the Yakama Casino  RV Park for a week now on our trek to SD and I have had one heck of a cold and cough, so I have only gone to the casino a couple of times for a very few minutes mostly to eat.  The buffet is only "OK", not anything special, food was good and hot but not much in the way of variety.  Would go back though if in the area.

Great variety of machines, both new and old.   Some I have never seen before.  Players club nothing to write home about but you do get food coupons.  No slot perks though.  Not good.

Casino itself is old and dingy, definitely needs to be remodeled.   Not very clean.  Never did see anyone wiping the machines or chairs.  Smoke is terrible and the non-smoking area is very small with mostly old machines.  

Personnel seems friendly, especially the buffet staff.  Would go back if in area but will not make a special trip.

Swinomish Casino in Anacortas WA

This is a very nice casino, large and very well maintained.  Lots and lots of new and old machines.  Great variety.  Loved all the new machines.  Great non smoking area which has a great variety of old and new machines. 

The casino was clean, noticed gal and guys cleaning machines and areas often.  Staff is very friendly and nice benefits at the players club especially on seniors day.  Will go back for the casino part.

The only disappointed is the buffet.  It simply is not worth going too.  We ate there twice and were disappointed both times.   Food was cold, not very appetizing and no variety at all.  The slice of cake I had could have been used for a hockey puck.  Ask for a fresh slice and it was just as bad.  Got the definite impression they do not care.  Sports bar food is great though.   Would not go back.  

Well, hope this info helps and you have a great day.  

Let me know if you like this part of the blog and if I should keep it up.  

Any questions, let me know.




Saturday, February 9, 2013


While doing our volunteer job in Port Townsend WA, we visited 3 casinos in the area.  Here is a brief description of each.

The Point Casino in Kingston WA
I really like the Boston Bistro Restaurant here and highly recommend you go.  They have outstanding food and a real treat is the "Early Bird Special" which is $14.50 for a 4 course dinner including dessert.  The steak is our favorite. 

The buffet is another story.  Though not the worst we have ever had, it leave a lot to be desired.  Thank goodness the players club give discount coupons sometimes.  We went to the Seafood Buffet and they had lobster on the bar.  It was so small it consisted of about 3 bites.  Thank goodness Keith gave me his.  :).  If you get a discount coupon its worth it, otherwise check it out before you pay to see what is on the menu. 

Slots are very tight, I have never won anything to speak of there, but they do have a great variety.

Very neat and unusual casino decor with a great Player's Club staff.  Would recommend you go, just don't expect to win often.

The Ehwah Casino in Port Angeles WA
Cute casino, very small, about 200 machines. They have remodeled and added a lot of new modern machines that are a lot of fun.  It is a very clean and friendly casino. 

Machines are tight some times and lose others depending on how often they are used and how busy it is which is how the machine are. 

Would recommend going, have not eaten at their cafe but hear it is good. 

7 Cedars Casino inSequim WA

This casino I have mixed feeling about.  Love their buffet and grill restaurants, great food and prices but the slots are so tight they squeak.  They have added a lot of new machines and a new bar and Italian restaurant. We have tried this casino a number of times over the years and it has always been very tight. 

Recommend you go for the restaurants, but don't expect to win often though I hope you do.

All in all the casinos here need to loosen up a bit, they are beautiful but just too tight. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lucky 7 Casino and Mill Casino

Lucky 7 Casino in Smith River, CA

This is definitely one of my favorite casinos if not my favorite.  We have been going here on and off (if we are working our volunteer jobs in Oregon) for 6 years now.  I liked this casino from day one and always head there if we are in the area.    Now I will not tell you I win all the time, I do not, but I have won a few times and always had lots of fun. 

When we first started going, it was a small casino with a small number of machines.  They have since remodeled the whole building and it is a real treat.  Not only have they added a lot of neat machines (over 300) and re-decorated all areas, but they have also added a beautiful and delicious restaurant.  On Sundays they have a BBQ with buffet that is to die for.  I especially like the ribs.  It includes your meat of choice, buffet with soup, salad and dessert (Priced between $10.99 and $16.99).  Can’t beat that!  The portions are large; we have had leftovers for the next day every time.  Also, their prime rib is tender and delicious, as is their burgers.  Even the grill cheese was great.  They have quite an extensive soup and salad bar with all the fixing too.  Never had anything there I did not like.

They are in the progress of building a new hotel with over 50 rooms of which some will be suites and have ocean views.  They have overnight, courtesy RV parking (actually, up to three nights) available with a Players Club Card.  They also have separate RV parking for short visits.  The overnight parking is behind the fuel mart, and has easy pull through access.  It is “dry camping,” but it is free and abundant.  They have two pieces of land that, after the hotel is built, are designated for a full RV park with hook-ups.  Very exciting news!  Don’t have a date of completion yet so check with the casino if you are heading that way. 

They have really great promotions that are fun and the prizes are great.  Biggest on the weekends but check their website to verify.

The real asset of this casino is the people who work there.  They honestly make you feel like they are glad you have come to visit and we have always been greeted with a smile.  Even the waitresses and cleaning staff seem to enjoy their job.  I have never had a dirty machine there and they are very visible in making sure they are clean.  Be sure to say “thank you” to the cleaning staff, they deserve it.   The security staff, especially Carlos, is friendly and always answers questions with a smile.  I always feel very safe when I am there, something I cannot say about a lot of casinos.

I saved the best for last.  The Player’s Club staff is the main asset of this casino and I hope management sees that.  Susan and the gang never make you feel that any questions is too small, they always make you feel welcome and don’t fuss when you have forgotten your card for the fourth time.  I have enjoyed meeting them and will see them again soon I hope. 

I very highly recommend this casino.  Please stop by, tell Susan, that Brenda said “hi” and enjoy, you will not regret it.  Can’t guarantee you will win your fortune but you will have fun.  Let me know how you liked it. 

The Mill Casino in North Bend OR 

The Mill Casino used to be a favorite of ours but lately that has changed a bit.  We still enjoy without reservation the restaurants, especially the buffet, and the RV Park is still a great value, but personnel and gaming seem to be really uptight. 

They have a seafood buffet on Friday and Saturday that is incredible and worth a trip to the casino.  The price is very reasonable for all you get.  Get there before 5:30pm and it is even cheaper.  The menu includes incredible crab legs and Prime Rib plus all the fixing.  I’ve never seen so many different types of seafood on one buffet before.   Also, they have a restaurant that serves an incredible prime rib with early bird specials and senior prices.   The chef is a very special guy and a delight to meet.  Ask to meet him.  Say “Hello” from me, his biggest Prime Rib fan. 

The slot machines have become so tight that everyone I have talked to comments on it.  One gentleman who was playing next to me said he has been coming there for years and he has never seen them so tight.  That is too bad since it will eventually start hurting them.  He commented he was thinking of driving all the way to Florence and the casino there.  Huh, casino in Florence, going to have to check that out.  (Smile! :) )  I actually suggested he try Lucky 7 in Smith River CA and he was very interested.  He was not the only person I heard about the machines from.

The people definitely give you the impression they would rather be somewhere else.  Not a happy group.  Even the player’s club personnel and management give the impression they could care less you are there.  In my book, that is bad.   Security seems great and they are pretty strict so that is good.  At least they smile. 

It is a very clean casino and the cleaning staff works very hard to keep it that way.  They are the friendliest people there.  Something I appreciate and I always try to say “Thank You” to them.  Something you should do also.

Great RV park, highly recommend it.  Beautiful spacious sights and beautiful landscaping with an incredible view.  Maybe you will see some Harbor Seals.

I don’t recommend or not recommend this casino.  Have to go and see for yourself.  Maybe you will have a lucky day.

Hope these two reviews help you enjoy your casino experience.  Keith and I leave here in a couple of weeks so will have new reviews soon.  Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally some new Casinos

Hello everyone,

We are back on the road and I finally have some new and not so new casinos to report.  When we are in Texas for the winter there are no casinos to speak of.  One small one, Eagle Pass,  but we do not like it so we do not go.  Here is a review of the ones we have visited this trip.

Cliff Castle Casino, Camp Verde AZ - Neat little casino with a good and not so good restaurant.  This casino was neat because you actually saw people winning.  I did well on the QuickPik machines but not so well on my favorite machine, Vibrant Seven. There is a large variety of machines, all the new ones, so you always can find one to play.  Was crowded but not overly.  People had good comments on this casino and we liked it also.  The seafood buffet is something to miss especially for the price but the Storytellers restaurant was wonderful.  Keith had Lamb and I had a steak and both were beyond delicious.  They also have a Johnny Rocket restaurant which is always good for fast food.  Definitely will go back here.

Western Inn in Reno - Been here before and remains a favorite of mine.  Did OK on the slots, went home with a few bucks.  Have a very large variety of machines so easy to find your favorite.  They have dinner deals that are really good, especially their Mexican restaurant.  For 5.95  you get a full course Mexican meal and it is delicious.  With a coupon from our campground, I only paid 3.95 for my food plus drink of course.  They have 2 other restaurants for a variety of food.  Will definitely go back if in Reno.

Cannery in Las Vegas NV - Been here before, really enjoyed it but was disappointed this time.  The slots were so tight they sneaked.  I came away even but did not enjoy at all.  Did not see people winning and certainly did not hear the bells and whistle associated with winning slots.  Food in the buffet was delicious though.  Loved the dessert bar.  Would definitely recommend going just for the buffet.  Will go back but not make a special trip there. 

Rolling Hill in Corning CA - Well buffet was good, especially the prime rib but.......the slots were another story.  I cannot honestly say I saw one winner while there.  I played my Vibrant Seven and never got a bonus or even a win over 3.40 on it.  Needless to say I came home my 40.00 down.  That is very unusual on this machine.  We have gone here before and were not impressed and that judgement has not improved.  One compliment, they have cleaned it up really well and it is now a very pretty casino.   Have a great campground though and that is why we always stop.  Will go back only if in the area for the campground or buffet.

Well, hit some good ones and bad ones.  See you next time for further reviews.  

Take care,


Friday, November 18, 2011

Casinos near Lone Pine

Though Lone Pine CA had more than enough to keep us busy, I could not resist visiting these two small casinos.  You know me....

Paiute Palace Indian Casino

The first was in Bishop CA, right along Rt. 395.  We stopped there for lunch on our way down Rt. 395 towards Lone Pine and of course I could not resist trying out the slots.  Lunch was good, hot and tasty and the service friendly. By the way, they have an area you can stay in overnight for $5.00, no hookups but for one night would be fine.  We actually were going to stay there but weather was coming in and we wanted to get to Lone Pine.  Good thing we did, they got snow. 

They have a good variety for a small casino, even having one of my favorite machines.  I did not play more than 20 minutes though, so did not win anything to speak of.   The Players Club gave $10.00 play money and the staff were very friendly and sweet.   Would go back if in the area and would give it a 3 out of 5.

Fort Independence Casino
Independence CA

Talk about small, this casino, which is in Independence CA, was attached to the local Indian gas station/quik stop store but hey, it had good reviews so I checked it out.  (not surprised on that are ya?)  The casino had only about 50 machines but both Keith and I won a few bucks.  He more than me.....  They had a good variety and the staff were friendly.  Nothing extra in the way of a Player"s Club but for the 20 minutes we were there, no big deal.  It was actually fun to be in one so small.  If you are in the area, stop by, you will get a kick out of it.  Out of 5, I give it a 2 because no extras. 

See ya later..Brenda

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sparks and Reno Casinos

We have stayed in the Sparks-Reno area before at an incredible campground called the Sparks Marina RV Resort, so this time we tried to see new casinos and areas. 

Western Village Inn and Casino
This is a very nice small casino.  Actually I guess you could call it medium sized.  I really enjoyed this one.  Actually went back 3 times.  You saw people winning and the staff was exceptionally nice.  But, the neatest thing was the decor.  It was decorated with incredible lighting and design.  Go to the website and you will get an idea of the wildness of it.  I won some money here and played a couple of new games I had not played before.  I highly recommend this casino.  It has a Mexican restaurant that was delicious and if you get there before 5:30pm, prices are 1/2 off.  Out of 5, I give it a 4.

JA Nugget Casino
Had the delight and pleasure of meeting two of my favorite people here for dinner.  It was wonderful to see you Robert and Tim.  This casino is a favorite of mine from long ago.  Did not play much here, time was limited but went home with an extra 20.00 bucks.  Restaurant was great, delicious food and a really nice waitress.  Out of 5 I give it a 3.

Harrah's in Reno 
Don't waste your time.  We have visited other Harrahs around the country and I have yet to either win or see many others winning.  Staff usually gives the impression they wished to be somewhere else.   We stayed only a few minutes.  Also, if you have gone to another Harrahs, you do not get the benefits of the players club at the others.  That's a real ripoff.  Buffet was okay, not something I would go back too.  All in all, not a friendly casino in my opinion.  Out of 5, I give it a 1.

Peppermill Casino
We were not here very long, but I enjoyed it.  The buffet was incredible and delicious.  Beautifully decorated.  Did not see many people winning but everyone seemed to be having fun.  Would try it again for a longer time next time.  Will definitely go back for the buffet.  Out of 5, I give it a 3.

Atlantis Casino
Liked this casino, very beautiful and friendly.  People seemed to be having a good time and winning.  I did, a few bucks anyway.  Did not eat there but will next time.  The decor was beautiful and very interesting.  Recommend it if you are in Reno.  Out of 5 I give it a 3 because can't rate food.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finally, a New Casino.......

About 2/3s the way between Boise ID to Reno NV, is the small town of Winnemucca NV.  A lazy sleepy town with little industry and 3 casinos.  We stayed at the Model T Casino Campground, a definite "I will forget this place soon." park.   Upon arriving, I was rudely told it was necessary for me to go through the entire casino to register us at the hotel desk.  I entered the door and the first thing I noticed was the dirty dingy carpeting.  It was suppose to be red (I saw a clean spot by the check-in counter) but had so much dirt and muck on it it was black.  Yucky!.......Needless to say, we did not play this casino.  I could not get passed the carpet and the fact that it was so dark.  So we went to one of the other 2 casino, "The Winner's Casino".  A very impressive small casino.  We ate at the restaurant, "Grandma's House" and it was delicious.  We had Prime Rib which was very tender and rare, just the way we like it.  Then I played for a while and won a few bucks.  The impressive thing was, you saw people winning all throughout the casino.  Hopefully, we never have to return to Winnemucca but if we do, we will stop at the Winner's, if for no other reason, the Prime Rib. 

We are in Sparks-Reno area now and I will write again soon, so be sure to check back.