Monday, April 1, 2013


Good Morning,

Hope all of you are having a great spring and if you are RVer's and traveling, "Please Drive Safe".

We are preparing to leave the state of WA and head east towards our next volunteering position in Spearfish SD.  Yes, we have worked there before and are looking forward to returning.   

I have some new reviews for you and some new information on Lucky 7 casino in Smith River CA.  (My favorite)  I also received an email from a reader asking two important questions so I ask  "my personal casino expert" for answers.  

The two questions were:
1.  What do you tip when you win a jackpot?
2.  How do you read a win/loss statement?

Here is Susan's answers, hope they help you as they did me. 

1.    We are told never to expect tips – even if we feel we have earned them.  I have seen one person win $173,000 and tip $20, and I’ve seen a man win $1000 and tip $100.  What works well is if the winner gives the floor manager at the time whatever the customer thinks is appropriate, and he/she will divide it among the people on the floor.  If someone has been especially helpful to the winner, even over a period of time, a nice tip is appreciated.  No exact answer here – just what the customer wants to do.
2   2.   As for the win/loss statement:  I checked with John Scott, who does ours, and he said that if the client shows a loss ( a negative number) it is used against the amount won.  In other words, if a client has won $2000 and shows a loss of $1100, he or she will has a taxable amount of $900.  He also said to be sure to check with their tax preparer, who should be familiar with the statements.  I hope that helps. 

 I was lucky enough to put this info to use just a couple of days after I got it.  At Swinomish Casino in Anacortes WA, I was lucky enough to win a small jackpot.   What fun that was!  :)
The machine had just been put in, called "Factory Jackpot" I think and I really love it.  Makes the craziest noises. :) Turned out I was the second jackpot on the machine in a couple days.

News from Lucky 7 casino in Smith River CA......

Susan notified me that they have added a whole bunch of new machines to their casino.  

Here's the list:

Band of Gypsies
Beverly Hillbillies
Blood Life Legends
Buffalo Moon (very popular)
Captain Caribbean
Elvis the King (great music!)
Erupting Winds
Forbidden Jewels
Giant’s Gold
Money works
Moon Goddess
Outback jack
Pawn Stars (2 of these)
Playboy Playmate Party
Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Fever
Sherlock Holmes
Texas Dice
Towers of the Temple
Tully’s treasure Hunt
Wild Kingdom
and more are coming.

So, if you are in the area, stop in and see all the new fun things.  Be sure to say "Hi" to Susan.  


Yakama Legend Casino and RV Park  in Toppenish WA

We have been here at the Yakama Casino  RV Park for a week now on our trek to SD and I have had one heck of a cold and cough, so I have only gone to the casino a couple of times for a very few minutes mostly to eat.  The buffet is only "OK", not anything special, food was good and hot but not much in the way of variety.  Would go back though if in the area.

Great variety of machines, both new and old.   Some I have never seen before.  Players club nothing to write home about but you do get food coupons.  No slot perks though.  Not good.

Casino itself is old and dingy, definitely needs to be remodeled.   Not very clean.  Never did see anyone wiping the machines or chairs.  Smoke is terrible and the non-smoking area is very small with mostly old machines.  

Personnel seems friendly, especially the buffet staff.  Would go back if in area but will not make a special trip.

Swinomish Casino in Anacortas WA

This is a very nice casino, large and very well maintained.  Lots and lots of new and old machines.  Great variety.  Loved all the new machines.  Great non smoking area which has a great variety of old and new machines. 

The casino was clean, noticed gal and guys cleaning machines and areas often.  Staff is very friendly and nice benefits at the players club especially on seniors day.  Will go back for the casino part.

The only disappointed is the buffet.  It simply is not worth going too.  We ate there twice and were disappointed both times.   Food was cold, not very appetizing and no variety at all.  The slice of cake I had could have been used for a hockey puck.  Ask for a fresh slice and it was just as bad.  Got the definite impression they do not care.  Sports bar food is great though.   Would not go back.  

Well, hope this info helps and you have a great day.  

Let me know if you like this part of the blog and if I should keep it up.  

Any questions, let me know.




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